Joints are the cost effective ways of securing the buildings


Nowadays, the construction field has changed and there are many new entries that are being used in buildings. The buildings are now being constructed with the materials that provide internal as well as external security. Joint covers and expansion joints are some of the elements that are being used in the buildings for better stability.

While constructing a building the expansion joints are mandatory because they act as the mid structure separators. This help in decreasing the stress that is faced by the building material. There are some factors that cause movement in buildings and they are:

  • Heavy wind pressure
  • Seismic factors
  • Deflection caused by static load
  • Deflection caused by live load
  • Climatic changes that cause shrinkage and expansion

There are certain criterion that are fulfilled by these expansion joints in buildings and these are stated below:

  • After using the expansion joints the load carrying capability of the surface increases.
  • The joints prevent water leakage because the seals used in these joints are water resistant and are tightly fitted.
  • These are the perfect options for pedestrian traffic.
  • Aggressive elements are unable to affect these joints.
  • This also helps in reducing the vibrations on the places where delicate goods are transported.
  • It looks nice and provides a better look.

Assess the conditions-

The expansion joints in buildings cannot be fitted right away. There are certain conditions that are to be accessed before installation. There are certain signs that can be seen and after that these joints can be used. Damaged surface and water leakage are some signs that provide the idea.

However, generally visual tests are enough but there are conditions when other tests are also required in the case of expansion joints. Water tightness tests and core analysis are some inspection styles that are also used for identifying the issues. After this a complete written is drafted and the ideal solution canbe obtained after it.

Maintenance is mandatory-

Like every building and architecture the expansion joints also require better maintenance.  These joints also get affected with certain conditions and there are some processes that are performed over the joints to restore them. These services must be performed at regular intervals to ensure long time span of the expansions joints.

The cost that is incurred during maintenance is low but in case of more damage the cost can rise. Corrosion and cracking are the main issues that require attention. The technicians provide the report and this report provides a rough estimate as well.

Take training-

The companies that provide the joints and fitting facilities also provide training to the customers. The technicians allow the customers to watch the fitting sessions and learn all the conditions that are associated with it. Apart from this, there are some extra charges that are charged for training sessions.

If the customers require then they can also take the help of the company and ask for separate training sessions. However, there are some points where only an expert technician can manage the condition but with the help of this training the customers can manage some issues easily.

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