Mobile App Analytics Tools – Top 5


Everyone wants to see the results of the mobile application marketing efforts. To understand whether you are successful, you need to see the results of your efforts. So what are the best mobile app analytics tools to see the results of your mobile app?

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool for IOS and Android. It mostly focuses on measuring user acquisition, activation and revenue.If you want to use Google Analytics, all you need is your Google account. Google Analytics provides:

  • Easy learning
  • Integration with Google Play for conversion tracking;
  • The number of users and sessions
  • The money spent by users
  • The device models and locations of your users.
  1. Apple Analytics (App Analytics)

Apple Analytics is a free tool produced by Apple. If you aim success with your mobile app in Apple (macOS, Mojave, iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12), use Apple Analytics. With the data it provides, you can make the necessary adjustments in your app to attract your new users and to keep the existing ones. It offers solutions on;

  • sources of impressions, product page views and downloads
  • app store sources
  • channel effectiveness
  • number and source of average sales
  • sessions and active devices
  • marketing campaigns
  • crashes
  1. Apps Flyer

Apps Flyer helps marketers to pinpoint their targeting, optimize their ad spend and boost their ROI. It is a paid mobile anaytics tool, only 30 days free for users.It offers analytics solutions for gamers and for all sorts of marketers.

  • Mobile attribution
  • Marketing analytics
  • deep linking
  • active fraud protection
  • powerful integrations
  • deep linking
  1. io is a paid mobile analytics tool. It has a free demo version. It works on Android and iOS platforms. Although It offers effective solutionsfor measuring data associated with links, it is confusing to use it.It offers solutions on;

  • deep linking
  • influencer analytics
  • content analytics
  • data feeds
  • deepviews
  • cross- platform insights
  1. Criteo

Criteo provides a free demo version. It is a really important mobile analytics tool. Because it promises more customers for you.It measures the current situation of your app and webpage. It also offers:

  • audience match
  • sponsored products for retailers and brands
  • dynamic personalized retargeting
  • predictive bidding
  • app retargeting
  • drive-inn app conversations
  • engaging video adds

We hope these 5 popular mobile app analytics tools will help you measure your mobile application metrics and help you get all the data you need to improve your application’s performance along with expanding your audience.



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