Are you searching for an application that helps you in managing the data?


If yes then here is your need, the Splunk Software which is basically built to help you out in data managing. Data managing is hard task; you can’t manage elephant like data.You need long sheets, a large team and much more for managing yourbig data.

  • Easy download and create an account –

One of the best and most downloaded applications is the Splunk . Splunk is a data managementapplication that help analyzing, searching and monitoring the large data in less time that makes it easier for you to prepare for project or task. The Splunk software has many programs thatall are built for helping you in managing the large data.Here is the list of Splunk Software’s –

  1. Splunk Core–it collects the data and analyses the large data.Also, it uses the standard API for connecting to the devices and applications.
  2. Splunk Enterprises(ES) –Ithelps in providing the security informationand event management (SEIM) solutions to the machine data. This is a premium application that is licensed from the Splunk Core.
  • Splunk Storm (2011)–this is a type of cloud storage that allows user to save data online. This service is completely free.

* Splunk Storm is shut down by the Splunk.

  1. Splunk Analytics for hadoop (2013)–It supports searching, accessing and the reporting of the external data which is located in the hadoop from the Splunk Interface.
  2. Splunk Lite (2015) – This is the light version of Splunk Core for IT and mid sized enterprises.
  3. Google announced, the Splunk Cloud Platform for IT ops, compliance and security.
  • Splunk IndustrialAsset intelligence (2018), which help in creating the info from the IIoT (the Industrial Internet of Things)from many sources and represents that in critical alert.

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