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For a local chipping that is visually appealing and wonderfully functional in several exterior locations around your property than Cotswold Chippings cannot be recommended highly enough.

The chippings are locally sourced, as you’d expect from their name, and stocked by suppliers like the Thatcham, Tadley and Windlesham based Rivar Sand and Gravel .

Companies who specialise in gravels and chippings know that they make exemplary driveway materials, paths, edging to flowerbeds, features and mulching products.

They can be supplied in small quantities for domestic projects and in bulk for commercial landscaping. 450kg and 900kg bulk bags for example. The 900kg bag will be in the region of £100 so the material is not exceedingly expensive.  It is majestic though.

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One note with the Cotswold Chippings, they are crumblier than other chipping options so if your intention is to use it for a driveway then please be aware that it will crush more easily.


Several stockists refer to South Cerney gravel as Cotswold but they are completely different products so please be aware that sometimes your Cotswold isn’t actually Cotswold stone. If in any doubt then you’re perfectly within your rights to ask the source of the chippings. Funnily enough, the South Cerney ones are quarried in South Cerney!

Just to confuse you further there is another product which is called Cotswold Buff which is a whiter shade than the yellow-buff Cotswold Chippings.

Cotswold Buff may be called Old English Chippings and these are a little harder than Cotswold Chippings.

20mm Cotswold Chippings are exquisite so they will enhance any outdoor space.

The rich tone will complement the plants and foliage whatever the colour palate and you have the advantage of the chippings being angular and robust naturally and they’ll accent the scenery soothingly.

There is a 14mm Cotswold Chipping on the market, this tends not to be a stock item and as a special order product it will generally take a little longer to supply.

Is it right for you?

Expert suppliers will be happy to discuss the product’s attributes and its suitability for your landscaping plans. Whether it’s for a large industrial concern or a small garden DIY project you need to ensure that Cotswold Chippings are the perfect match for you.

Alternatives like the Old English Chippings and South Cerney gravel may be better for heavy duty and high traffic areas. Stockists understand the lifespan, behaviour and durability of this material and you can be confident in their ability to calculate the quantity of the gravel that you’ll require.

As a general rule one tonne of gravel or chippings will cover approximately twelve metres squared if laid 1.5 to 2 inches deep. There’s nothing to stop you having a deeper area than that but a shallower layer could compromise on the richness and overall effect of this pocket friendly material.

Customers across the south of England love Cotswold Chippings , why not try them yourself? Suppliers often hold them as stock items so you can apply an instant makeover.

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