Get a perfect and secured space for your important files


Keeping your work space well organized is the basic need of office workers. It gives you the right environment to work with a peaceful mind, if everything is in right place you will not face any panic situation. Filing Cabinet and Cupboards are the best option to choose, they help in smooth running of your work. The filing cabinet should not only be durable but should also be secure. The elements of good and separate space should be there for different files. To find all the element in one cabinet is possible these days.

Vetrina Low Height + Open Bookcase Shelf

The key factors which you should keep while buying the cabinet

Space saving

This is the main feature which is demanded by most of the offices. The cabinet should such that it covers the least space floor area and should have the proper space for the increased number of files. This kind of feature is mostly found in the vertical filing cabinet. They have got perfect space for numerous files.


The security feature is must in this unit as it is obvious that the file it contains is for very important matter. There is locking system provided in the each cabinet. Even these locking systems are of different kinds. They can be electronic locks, combination locks, password locks or simple key locks.

Nowadays, they are coming with the most advanced features; they are made with the fire proof materials which keeps the file more secure.


The thing in which you invest your hard earned money, you wish that it remains with you for a long term investment. So, while buying the filing cupboard, you should choose to buy the durable one by paying little more. They are made of hard material like steel as they can endure the heavy weight and can withstand any weather condition. Some cabinets have special paint coating to make them more durable.

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