How To Make Your Online Business More Secure


With more and more companies reverting to cloud-based services to hold information cybersecurity should be at the top of the list for any business. Online fraud and data theft are reaching incredible numbers, initiating the development of GDPR which was put in place back in May so that users have more control over how their data is shared. Cybersecurity should be especially important for small to medium enterprises as their resources may not be as secure compared to larger companies and it can prove to be more difficult. To help prevent it from happening, there are simple steps you can take so you know the data is secure.

Cybersecurity Insurance

One of the first steps you should take as a business is cover it with cyber insurance . This will help cover you from any cyber attacks that you may receive or any other internet-based activity where the customer or the business itself has been compromised by a hacker or criminal. If such acts were to occur this can have major consequences financially for the company and put your business at major risk, so take any measure possible to prevent it from happening.

Know The Kinds Of Data You Hold

There are different types of data that you can have so it’s important that you can determine what is sensitive data and what is critical to your business. You need to make sure you know how you access it, how you use it and what it’s used for. If you can perform an audit of your security measures this will help you to understand the threshold of how secure your measures are and what will happen in certain situations if a breach was to occur. Then this will help you to judge what requires more security than other data.


Everyone should be educated and understand a security policy when it is put in place. Provide your employees with the right training so they are familiar with what to do and how your security measures work. It can be easily integrated into induction procedures when you’re hiring new staff and every so often there can be refreshers in place so the policy is continued common knowledge for colleagues. Companies such as Caunce O’Hara schedule regular security workshops into their colleagues’ calendar so they’re all up to date.

Consider the Physical Aspect of Data Security

Although a lot of cybersecurity measures can consist of data and bytes, it’s worth noting the physical aspect of keeping your data secure too. Simple steps such as installing locks, closing doors before leaving, locking screens after use are all ways in which data can be kept secure and prevent anyone from just entering the building and stealing a laptop off the desk. Paper files that hold data should be kept away in secure drawers and any documents that aren’t needed but are sensitive should be shredded.

Cybercriminals are always keeping up to date with the latest security procedures to weave their way into more data, so make you’re doing the same and don’t put your business at risk.

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