Life Insurance: Make You and Your Family Protected Always


Your loved ones are your world and you for them is their world. Have you ever thought if someday you die, what would they do? You want always to protect your family and the best was is to protect them financially. Family’s safety is the first concern, because your family is composed of your loved ones. You should protect your loved ones with affordable life insurance .

If someone has a life insurance policy, they will pay lump-sum when the person who dies under the terms of the plan of the policy. This lump-sum can be used for financial support to the family of the deceased. The deceased might have taken loans or mortgages that he couldn’t repay back in his/her lifetime. He/she shouldn’t leave his/her debts on the head of the loved ones to repay. Even unsettled bills can be cleared by using an insurance policy. So, when someone dies, he or she leaves no liabilities behind financially.

You should also decide a life that you leave no liability financially behind. That would not only let your loved ones be happy after you are gone, but you can also die in peace, and that’s what everyone wants.

There are few insurance policies, and you should check which best suits you.

Term Life Insurance

It’s a policy in which the amount will remain for the whole duration of the policy term. If you are thinking of giving your loved ones and family a specific amount, this is a good policy.

Decreasing Term Life Insurance

This is adequate for in you want to cover mortgage or loan at some part of your life, and you couldn’t repay it back. The insurance policy will reduce during the term plan. As the loan reduces for you, so does the amount of premium. So, only you got to pay the amount cover you need to pay.

Family Benefit

This is an interesting policy. The policy wouldn’t provide you lump-sum if you die, rather this insurance will pay you a monthly income which includes no tax, to your dependents. The money your loved ones will receive is from the start of the claim to the end of the policy term. People who have regular monthly income, family income is beneficial to them.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance saves you by giving a lump-sum bill if you are suffering from illness such as heart attack, brain tumor, a certain type of cancer and many more. When you are declared that you have such a disease, it’s very hard to handle such situation, but still, you need treatment, and treatment means bills. Therefore, critical illness insurance comes handy in those situations. A basic critical illness cover very critical conditions, whereas if you buy the comprehensive one, you are going to be covered by total permanent disability, eyesight loss, or hearing loss, etc.

Permanent Health Insurance

In this type of insurance, if you are unable to work anymore due to sickness, accident or disability, the insurance policy will replace your salary with tax-free income. Until you recover, the policy will cover you.

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