Rick Fleshman points out whether sales and marketing department should be combined or separated


When it comes to sales and marketing most of the business find it very confusing as to whether both these departments should be combined together or should be separate. Especially in small or medium sized business, it may seem quite easy to combine the marketing and sales department into one part of the company. But, the challenge with mixing sales and marketing lies in the fact that seldom a group of people is excellent at both at the same time.

Rick Fleshman explains why it is always better to have separate sales and marketing department

Rick says that sales and marketing positions necessitate different mindsets to pursue them effectively. In case marketing reports to sales, then it becomes a very internally focused sales support function. On the other hand, if marketing is a part of the leadership team, then marketing becomes an outward-focused growth leader that also supports sales.

Mr. Fleshman says that rather than combining sales and marketing until the small business grows, they should remain separate, yet they should support each other to make the business grow. Rick Fleshman further added that it has been found that companies who had separate leaders for marketing and sales reported better growth rates than their competitors with a combined sales and marketing department. Rick Fleshman is the CEO of iAM Marketing and Ormeus Global and is an experienced leader and a U.S. Army professional with several years of international experience. As the head of an amazingly skilled team, Rick makes it a point to include sound management practices. To meet the demands of people in the marketing industry, he uses social media to connect with others and to explore the present trends. Experts say that when sales and marketing departments are separated and left to focus on each of their individual strengths, sales and marketing can work to develop both the future and current status of a business, enabling it to build relationships with customers continuously and grow.

Rick says that sales and marketing department should work separately but that doesn’t mean that they will not work together. At times both these departments should work together to meet the target and the goal of the company. The primary function of the marketing team is to create interest and consciousness and the sales team is expected to build customer self-confidence and necessity. However, from time to time it is found that both sales and marketing departments are preparing plans together in order to draw attention of the customers and to increase the profit margin of the company. All these actually benefit a company in the long run.

Rick Fleshman has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Kansas State University. Fleshman specializes in network marketing and has worked as a consultant. Fleshman loves watching baseball in his spare times and Rick Fleshman favorite team is the Kansas City Royals. Besides all these, he also loves to spend time with near and dear ones, and loves eating mouthwatering food items.

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