Simple Ways to Give Homes an Instant Face Lift


Home is a place to rest and rejuvenate, an oasis after a long day of work. But over time, the same old setting inside a house can start looking dull. Below are five simple ways to make living spaces feel new and exciting once again.

1. Change the paint
Paint does add color and life to a room. Painting the interior of the house can transform it from old to new, from mundane to inspiring. Experiment with colors. Research and understand the psychology of colors. A helpful tip is to take digital photographs of the rooms and adjust the colors using Photoshop or any editing software. Doing this can prevent future mistakes of choosing colors, not to one’s liking and save time, energy and money.

2.Bring home a plant
A simple way to bring life and beauty to a room is houseplants. Houseplants don’t take too much space and can be incorporated into the home in artistic styles. They can be placed in indoor vertical gardens, on a colorful vase as a coffee table centerpiece or even as wall art using air plants. There are many creative designs for every houseplant to choose from but take into consideration the type of care and fragrance that come along with these houseplants.

3. Brighten that lighting
Maybe the room looks dull just because of not enough or wrong lighting. Changing the light can make a significant difference in the living space. Just converting to higher-watt LED lamps can brighten the interiors and give it that instant lively feel. LED bulbs aren’t only eco-friendly, they can also lower energy costs while providing rooms a bright, white light.

Exposing the room to natural light from the outside can also brighten the room during the day. Windows let in ample natural light. A window washers Houston-based company recommends cleaning the dust and grime off the windows to bring in more natural light. Cleaning windows can also be an energy-saving tip to lower that electricity bill.

4.Rearrange furniture
Another way to freshen up space without spending bucks is merely rearranging the furniture layout. No matter how big or small a room is, furniture arrangement can make a big difference. Also, moving around that furniture can give those soft carpets a breather from heavy furnishings and can make a small room look smaller or bigger. Experiment if unsure how to arrange the furniture, move everything until a comfortable new arrangement is found. Read home magazines or surf the internet for more inspiring furniture layout.

5. Clean and Declutter
Sometimes, a thorough spring cleaning is all it takes to make a home look fantastic as new. Wax that wooden furniture to remove scratches and bring out that old shine. Wipe countertops, stoves, home décor and anything inside the house that you need and can clean to bring back that old shine. And most importantly declutter. Years of staying at home can lead to years of accumulated junk lying around. Decluttering can free up extra space that wasn’t there before, and can also lower the mess and relieve that stress.

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