Steps To Follow In Terms Of Technology Based Greeting Cards


Your friend is living miles apart and it is her birthday. You have made a video, especially for her on her special day. But, you just don’t want to send it via email. You want to add a twist to your game, so that she can get a physical hold of it. Well, greeting cards have their own value in people’s life, especially in the 90s people, who used to find this way as the only one for greeting someone on their special moments. Now, thanks to modern technology, you can add value with the cards in no time and things will turn to work in your favor for sure.

Get some help from the video cards:

Do you want to incorporate your video with the greeting cards you want her to have? Now you can do that. All you have to do is visit the website creating those magical concoctions for you. First of all, you have to choose from the available options or just create you very own customized greeting card on their website.  After that, you can send that card to the site for some added help. Your friend will receive it from the source with a QR code inside the card. She has to just scan it with her smartphone. As an added gift with the card, she will receive your very own crated video greetings, you made for her.

Adding so many other gifts:

Even though your very own created video will have a special place in her heart, but you can add anything else you want. If she is in love with a movie or she is hooked up to a special song you can easily get that to her through the source. Just provide the song or movie you want to add in her greeting card and it will be done accordingly. Get some ideas from now.

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