The Principles of User Experience


User experience is called UX by professional web development firms. When websites are built they should offer the user the best experience and there are basic principles which assist with this.

Berkshire web design experts like The Wysi Partnership look to the principles of UX when they build and improve websites for their clients.

Web development may appear to be a simple case of typing some text and putting a nice background on the screen but it carries a lot more responsibility and focus.

The difference between an expert led web development process and a less able one can be crucial or disastrous for a business’ online presence.

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In 2016 and in to 2017 the use of smartphones has and will continue to increase, this means that UX cannot be solely desktop based and websites must be built with responsive technology so that clients can view pages at their optimum quality whether they are on a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or smartphone.

Without going responsive a company won’t experience a sales surge that they hope for.

Why? Because the UX is negative not positive.

Further User Experience Considerations

The goal is the focus.

If a person wants to view a product they don’t wish to click through several menus and pages to get to it. The route to the product (the goal) should be as short and smooth as it can be.

A number of firms are using hamburger menus (three lined icon covering a menu) to give a cleaner appearance to websites which works but only if the user won’t have to negotiate more than one or two to get to their result.

Discoverability and an easy journey are key factors in UX web development.

Too much effort through multi clicking and searching for menus is an easy way to make the user frustrated.

Streamlined is best.

Anything that isn’t vital should be stripped away.

The eyes don’t want to see a confusing mix of text, images, colours and a cluttered landing page. They have a need or problem and the website should swiftly offer the solution.

Think of it in every day terms. You’ve lost your car keys.

Are you more likely to find them in a tidy space in which every item can be seen clearly or in a room full of mess, stacked high with multicoloured items which mask where the keys might be which means your search is protracted and annoying?

Making tasks bitesize is a favourite UX tool. Simple to follow and smooth operations make a user happy. They don’t want to see a list of instructions 1,2,3 to remember.

It’s 1 first, then 2, then 3.

Web development tailored for mobile usage entails lessening the need for typing and having on screen tools in positions that make operations easy.

No user wants to drop their phone each time they have to take action.

Trust Berkshire web design firms to give your local friendliness with universal UX website appeal.

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