The process to open a live trading account


With the increase in the use of the internet, many companies have their business on the internet and one of those companies are trading companies who achieve great profit in online business.

People can trade in different securities there and the Forex Broker  will help them to take the right investment decisions. The Live Trading Account makes it easy to trade and access to different securities for more profit. For opening an account on the trading companies people have to follow some steps but it is also advisable to demo trade first to get all the required knowledge of the trading.

How to open a trading live account?

Select an account type

When you want to open a live account then you have to choose the type of account you want either a personal account or a business account. In earlier, you have to choose from mini, micro or standard account. But it is not used in these days and many brokers allow you to trade custom which is best for the inexperienced and new trader who do have a small amount of capital. This will provide you more flexibility to trade in the large area. While selecting an account make sure to open a forex spot account.


In this step, you have to submit all necessary paperwork to open an account, the forms will vary from trader to trader. You have to make sure to know about the associated cost in the registration process such as the amount a bank charge for a bank wire transfer.

Activating your account

You will receive an email with instructions on completing your account activation when all the necessary paperwork is received by the trader. After the completion of all the steps then you will receive the last email with the password, username and the essential information that how to fund your account.

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