Tips to Exchange Thai Baht


You may think it is wise to exchange Thai Baht and then land in Thailand. But it is not advisable to do so. You will lose more than ten percent when you convert any currency to thai baht. First you must Thai Baht to USD and then make the conversion based on the country you travel to.

Carry Cash in USD

When you think carrying cash is mandatory, then it must be in USD. The exchange rate offered for USD in Thailand is better than converting Thai Baht to USD before your travel. Always remember that USD is essential and much-used currency and hence exchanging them is a better option than trying to do in the US where thai baht is not very frequently used.

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Country Regulation

Also, you must know the country’s regulation to carry money to any country. As country to country, the law may vary. For instance when you have more USD above 15,000, then you must make a declaration. Though not illegal it is good to explain the source and need for carrying more money to avoid any doubts in the mind of the authorities in the airport.

Make Online Booking

Try and make all booking using the online transactions and avoid spending money in the form of cash. The credit card payment online is the best option to save money in stock. Not only your stay, but even your taxi travel, food, and such other small things can be booked online in the recent years. You can make use of those options to save money during the exchange.

Cash Exchange Rates

You can bring cash to Thailand and get them exchanged in the country, and you can feel great about your decision. But, remember to exchange them in the right place. So the next question is, which is the best place that can offer the optimum exchange rate?  The two places that provide such a privilege are the bank counters and the money exchange offices.

Bank Counters – The bank counters are present in the tourist areas including the airports to help people exchange their currency. The rates are same as that offered by credit card fees charged for payment and withdrawal in foreign currency. Even though debits cards are better than credit cards, still it is good to go with the bank counters.

If not a bank counter, then you can try Money exchange offices which are almost close to the bank rates and they are the best alternative for the banks.

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