Using Doxo app for paperless billing


Now, you can manage your lots of bills at a single place. The doxo app is one of the best solutions for paperless billing. Most of the people use multi sites for bill payment. The online billing app provides multiple bill payment solution. You have no need to go outside for payment of bill. It is very simple and easy to use to anywhere at any place.

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Features of the app

  • You can download the app and create free account and start payment of your bill. You can pay any bill like water bill, electricity, food bill, phone bill and others.
  • You can pay the bill and receive the bill online from the app. The users need to provide their genuine information while creating the account. App provides many options to the users to make payment through bank account, credit card or debit card.
  • You can take snap photos of your bill and take back up of important documents in hard drive.
  • The digital file cabinet system allows you to upload any bills and receipts in this app. This secures your documents and payment history.

Benefits of using this app

Manage your bill with one app:  you can manage various bills using a single app. The users need not to go through the hassle of visiting different websites for payment of bill.

Easily to understand and use: you just need to download the app and create a free account. The process of this app is quite simple and anyone can understand it easily.

Calendar reminders: It has calendar reminders which you can make according yourself. It reminds you for due date of the bill.

Know your payment status: From this app, you can see your bill payment status. You can check online payment status of bill. Most of the apps do not give these options.

Time saving: It is time saving because you can make payment over the mobile and you do not have to go anywhere. Just have internet connection and pay any bill online .


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