Why Delayed Supplier Payments Is A Big Problem And How AP Automation Can Solve It


Are you taking advantage of early payment discounts that many suppliers offer? Doing so can help you save a lot of money to streamline into the funds of your business, while also being able to maintain a good working relationship with your supplier. However, it’s extremely tough to do if you don’t use an efficient vendor payment software.

You might be thinking, “why would I need a software to help me communicate with my vendors?” There’s a multitude of reasons as to why you need to use a software for it, but the most important reason is to ensure that there’s no delay in payments. It’s easy to forget things that are not within the realm of your own company and that includes the money owed to suppliers.

Invoices with suppliers are important

An invoice that you have between you and a customer will probably be more prioritized to an invoice that your company has with a supplier. Not knowing the exact dates is one of the main reasons as to why companies that depend on suppliers often spend more money than what they actually need.

With the use of a vendor payment software, you can automate the entire process. You no longer have to worry about missing out on great discounts. With the funds that you manage to save through this process, you will be able to add more to departments that lack budget. It’ll be easier for you to address underlying issues that can be the effect of disorganization.

Automation means less errors and more control

Since you’re letting computers do the work for you, you don’t have to worry about errors. Every step of the way, the computer will review the process to ensure accuracy. You can’t depend on something similar with an in-house employee, since us humans get tired. Imagine having to spend hours upon hours everyday just looking at numbers. You will get exhausted.

With automation, you will also be introduced to a level of control that you don’t have when you have to wait for employees to finish adjusting and processing invoices. All entries can be made live. These entries can be viewed by you and key people so you don’t have to wait for anything to be printed. In fact, nothing needs to be printed if everything is automated electronically.

The payments that you have to make with your vendors will be processed as long as you don’t pause it manually. Ultimately, you will have an automated payment that you know will be able to get the date and time right for the best discounts on your orders. Instead of having to wait for things to go through manually, automation will take the lead with sufficient user permission.

Modernization of workflow is a priority for all industries

Because no company wants to be left behind, everyone is leaving their archaic ways of managing their finances. Using an automated vendor payment software can help you get ahead especially in a less dense industry.
Nexus Systems has vendor payment software that will ensure good relationship with all of your vendors. Let us show you how our solution can bring your business to the next level.

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