Working on the trading strategy, not on the number of winners


When you have spent some time in the trading business, it is time to start developing your career. It was only the beginning of a long journey. Eventually, you will have to reach the highest possible position of a trader can achieve. Otherwise, you can stay down with the small amount of income coming from a decent trading performance. If you are willing to make this profession the only one of yours, it is necessary you keep on improving yourself and the quality of trading. One more thing, you should not be focusing on making more money. Because targeting money make a trader desperate. And a desperate mind cannot function properly or make good judgments over plans and strategies. Today we are going to talk about all those things that can help you improve the quality of trading.

Those live trades are not helping

The same trades which are the reason for joining this business can decrease your trading performance. To be clearer, we have to dive into it. When a trade is live it will make you or any other trader worried for sure. That is average human nature and it is natural for any age or level. But, it doesn’t end with that. When you are worried that means, you are also getting emotionally attached to it. And the result of that, will not bring any good to your mind or performance. Even if you win a particular trade, the emotional attachment will force you to make improper decisions about next trades that are going to be executed by you. It will happen because of inefficient thinking while being excited. On the other hand, when the result of a trade is negative, you can obviously imagine the situation.

Riding the market trend

Fibonacci trading tools are very popular among the successful Singaporean traders. They never trade against the market trend as it significantly increases the risk factors. If you want to change your life, start learning about trend trading strategy. Trading CFDs is extremely profitable those who know the proper way to decipher the price movement of the financial asset. Stop trading against the market trend as it increases your losing edge. Ride the trend and learn to cut down the losing trades early.

Choosing a time frame for position size

With different timeframe, there are different effects on your trading performance. For example, if you are day trading, almost every single day will be booked with executing trades. Even when you are a calm minded trader and place trades very less frequently, a whole daily trading session will be busy for you. There will be no time to spend on other things like learning advanced techniques to include in your trading edge. Or you cannot work on your money management plans for the next trade of yours. Whereas, if you choose the swing trading method, your trades are going to be running for a whole week or so. So, you will be able to spend time on all other things accept the open trade as we mentioned earlier in this segment.

Experimenting with your performance

Vehicles needed checking and servicing to ensure they are working properly. Your job also needs to be inspected for improvement. Especially when you are running a business, there should be no compromise in working quality. For that, you will have to monitor your performance. The trading business also has to be monitored by a trader to understand the performance and growth from the beginning. You have to check how much your risks per trade has increased. If the timeframe of your trades has increased significantly, it is clear you have improved your trading level. Most importantly, you will have to learn to use risk to profit ratio. It notifies a trader about how much he or she is investing and how much is returning from each trade.

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