Best Dealing of Magnetic Materials with CIMI Manufacturing


The CIMI is one of the leading magnet suppliers and manufacture of custom turnkey magnets and magnet assembly in throughout the North America. They offer the best dealing of magnet materials with best capabilities and features for the customers. The team members of CIMI are well experienced and professional. The expertise manufactures the turnkey magnet materials such as sophisticated machining and complex magnetic assembly . They have wide range of machines for fabricating magnets and other metals in house. The expertise making the magnets in virtually any shape and size.

The CIMI is experienced in making the variety of magnetic assembly , including the insertion molding plastic with very tight tolerances. The Company manufactures the largest production of Alnico magnets in the world. The team of manufacturing manufactures parts with complex geometries such as thin and small in size, without any external operation.

    • High quality products manufacture:   The expert team manufactures the magnet products with high quality and productivity.
    • Better environment standards: They work in better environment standards. The team members offer the customer better services and environment.
  • Well experience team: The CIMI team members are well experienced and professional in their work. They manufacture the magnet assemblies and other house in products.
  • Delivered product with specific time: The CIMI expertise delivered the products and magnet material at specific time period. The customers are well satisfied with the services of product delivery.
  • Easy contact with team member: If you want to contact with CIMI experts then you can easily contact through the official contact number (650) 375-7006.
  • Better technical support: The technical expert provide the best customer services and technical support for the customers. If you have any query, then you can take a help from technical experts. For more information, visit the official website of CIMI manufacturing.

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