Freezer Trailer Hire Specialists – There When You Need Them


Freezer trailer hire through a leading service provider ensures compliance with legislation, value for money and an accessible solution when additional capacity is needed, or an emergency presents itself.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if professional kitchen emergencies simply didn’t happen or there was some warning, so you could prepare yourself? Frustratingly, they seem to occur at the least convenient moments. Swift action must be taken to maintain the food stock in its optimum condition.

Established freezer trailer hire experts, like the team at Icecool Trailers, appreciate the food laws and how their diligence and speed can make the difference between hundreds of pounds worth of stock being discarded or it being used, with minimal impact on food quality or interruption in freezer functions. Icecool Trailers operates a 24/7 emergency freezer trailer service and the well maintained and hygienic facilities can be delivered to site within a couple of hours, depending on the distances which need to be travelled to your business premises.

It is sensible to have the name and number of a noted freezer trailer hire firm ready for emergency situations; every moment spent searching online or in the phone book after a breakdown is another moment your stock is without a viable freezer.

Research ahead of a crisis means that you’re less prone to panic and choose the closest, but not necessarily the most efficient, service provider. At a more relaxed pace, you have time to read reviews you may have ignored whilst rushing. They could tell you that the firm you’re looking at does not represent the optimum standard, cost effective solution.

Calling an emergency freezer trailer hire firm before a fault engineer is arguably always the best course of action; even if an engineer can attend promptly, they may need to source parts or effect repairs which take time. That’s time when you’ll need the freezer in situ operating effectively, not to watch as the stock becomes unsalvageable.  

Freezer trailer hire and external cold storage for increased business, short or long term, an event or show, is easy to pre-book. This is recommended at peak times.

For example, the food for a school barbeque at a fete must be stored in line with legislation; the existing freezer space is likely to be in use, so an alternative must be found.

The temptation to prop items against a shady tree or wall, to leave frozen stock in the fridge or at room temperature in the hope that the food won’t spoil and poison your guests, is foolhardy, counterproductive and places everyone in unnecessary danger.

  • The hire firm delivers and sets up the equipment.
  • Specialists install freezer trailer hire units indoors or outside.
  • They are powered via mains or generator.
  • Different sized external cold storage units are available.
  • Units must be hygienic, well maintained, insured and be lit inside.
  • Exit/entry points must be clear from inside the unit and escape simple.
  • Staff can work in pre-booked and emergency freezer trailers without contravening legislation.

To learn more and to receive a unique quote, please contact Icecool Trailers today.

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