Block Gemini’s newly appointed chief strategy officer say- ‘The future is bright!’


Having good strategies is something which can boost your entire business.  For that, you need to appoint someone who has this marketing skill as his forte.

Block Gemini has appointed a new Chief Strategy officer Matthias Mende . He was born on October 15. He is a well-known expert in international marketing, social media influencer, and blockchain tech implementer. Now, he will be leading the process of establishing some strategic partnership and initiatives.

Appointing such influencers as the strategy officer can make sure that the company remains in the leading list of the blockchain companies. This one step can change the whole business outlook. This can be a starting of a whole new level of the blockchain tech generation.

Mende was born in Germany, and currently, he has experienced living in several metropolis cities including Dubai. He has devoted himself in some great entrepreneurial experiences and excellent performance. Mende has also established his own marketing agency and this way he has mastered in marketing and blockchain technology. He also designed the first page of an app. With this, he soon became a business influencer and everyone was aware of his potentials. He got some really good high profile connections. Now, being the CSO of Block Gemini he is ready to make the future bright. He says so in of his recent tweets sharing his visions with his followers.

He has also attended several meeting and conferences in his new title. And this shows his dedication towards his work and his new title.

Hiring some social influencers can help business in various ways. Influencers can help in connecting with the users in a more personal way. Having transparency in the business is important to sustain in the competition and for that, you need to listen to the users. Social influencers can also help in maintaining social relations. It is important to have a good eye on the users to understand what they need and want. And for that, you need to stay connected with them.

Matthias Mende has expressed his view about cryptocurrencies when he was asked about it. He expressed saying that his view is same with cryptocurrencies as with stock market. He also considers that it is not the short term plan but it is a long project. He also considers blockchain is something which deserves great innovation.

His thoughts only represent the vision that he holds. He is sure to bring wisdom to Block Gemini. Having good strategy officers is something which can be very fruitful for the company. Social influencers like him are likely to bring some great results because of his social media influence and his great strategies. Marketing is important and having such strategic officers are a good move for the company. He has some great visions for the company which is reflected through his tweets and his actions as well. He is expected to bring a revolution in the market through his experienced strategies.

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