How can you maintain your digital currency?


Crypto currency is used as a digital currency. You can transfer this currency without any central bank. It is directly transferred to the user without any intermediary.  It is used for online transaction between two persons. You can create an agreement to buy and sell the bitcoins. You can take benefits of bitcoin futures for selling and buying assets at a fixed rate at a future date. Bitcoin future buyer can sell the bitcoins at specific rate. The contract is commonly based on the price of bitcoins. It is a crypto currency which is a form of electronic cash.

Why should you use bitcoin?

Secure – when you are making a payment then your personal information are not shared. It is impossible for hackers to crack crypto currency because this currency has large numbers, complex mathematical equations.

Pseudonymous – it is not compulsory for you to link the bitcoins with your personal information. It is sent or received at a certain address which is the chain of 30 characters. You can analyze the transaction of the money.

Controlled supply – crypto currencies which are used by you can limit the token supply. You can control the token supply by the written code.

No middle man – as you know about the transaction of the bitcoins so you can take full benefits without paying any charging fee. There is no middle man who can get benefits from your bitcoins. You can use all the profits of bitcoins.

Low fees – if you transfer a large amount of bitcoins then you have to pay a small amount for the fee. There are some wallets available in which you have to pay high amount of fee to make transaction confirmation faster.

Permission less – if you are buying bitcoins then no one can stop for selling and buying these coins. According to your choice you can download the app, exchange sign up and use the wallet.

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