Do You Know About Smart Franking Machines?


Still using postage stamps?

Please read on. There’s a better, cost effective and efficient solution.

Smart franking machines are smart technology enabled. They offer the best tools and, when they are eligible for Royal Mail’s Mailmark scheme, allow customers to enjoy the lowest pricing tariff. Postage is calculated accurately by the machine for every item, whether it’s a letter or parcel, special delivery, sign for or 1st/2nd class.

Franked mail via a standard franking machine, if you have one, costs more than Mailmark postage. Go smart to gain the most benefits from your mailroom equipment.

With smart franking machines the VAT can be reclaimed. The machine establishes the amounts for your convenience.

Stamps are low technology but maximum cost. Like riding a bike from London to Reading each morning to get to work – that would be ridiculous. And yet, you’re still using stamps?

To lease smart franking machines at e.g. £19.99 per month equals less than £240 per annum. Even a small operation will notice monetary and time savings compared to stamps.

Royal Mail has stipulated that all new leases or purchases must be for smart franking machines that can cope with their developments. Pitney Bowes franking machines are all smart.

Pitney Bowes is a market leader with over 90 years of experience and is proud to have over 1.5 million SME’s using their products and services.

Pitney Bowes franking machines are renowned for efficiency, innovation and performance which is why they have industry partners like IMS Franking who are happy to recommend them and their smart franking machines for lease and purchase.

Purchasing any franking machine outright has a greater financial impact initially which is why many users prefer to lease a machine like the Pitney Bowes DM50 and budget as they go.

Mail is fed in to the machine and franked with a 2D readable barcode which is scanned as the item travels in the UK. (Standard franking machines have a crown and die image which is not trackable.)

The customer has dashboard management, reporting and visibility tools.

Franked mail is often treated as business mail so it travels through the Royal Mail network without delay.

Franked mail looks much more professional than stamped.

Free marketing is achievable via the franking. Logos, phrases, slogans, sale alerts and product launch information can be announced on the envelope and not one penny comes from the marketing budget.

Online account management, supplies ordering and credit top-ups are easy to navigate and available 24/7. Suppliers appreciate that the old 9-5 routine is fading in to history.

Pitney Bowes franking machines are easy to use, accommodate varying post loads and with a supplier like IMS Franking you have experts on hand to answer queries.

The Pitney Bowes DM50:

  • Exact postage calculated every time.
  • VAT reclaim benefits.
  • Mailmark eligible.
  • Easy keypad operation.
  • Connection to PC via USB cable.
  • LED’s.
  • Reporting tools.
  • In-built scale.
  • Marketing messages can be added.
  • Uses ink cartridges.
  • Preset feature.

As postage costs inevitably rise, especially for stamps, ensure that you’re utilisng the most efficient and pocket friendly solution.

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