Why You Should Purchase an Emergency Services Franchise


Insurance restoration is way more complicated than traditional construction or remodeling. As an emergency services franchise owner, you must work through all of the requirements and politics, policies, and procedures that make insurance restoration much more complicated than just being a general contractor. When you purchase an emergency services franchise, you are gaining our experience and systems that can help you efficiently navigate this industry.

While, as a contractor, you understand your trade or trades, it is difficult to master all of the rules and policies that you have to follow to be a successful insurance restoration contractor. With our combined experience of over 150 years and a proven model of success, we are certain that your emergency services franchise will prosper.

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As a franchise owner, you will earn eight percent of gross profits on all emergency services jobs and four percent of gross sales on all construction jobs. Note that emergency services has a much higher profit margin, and that is why there is the difference in the royalties that you will earn as a franchise owner.

The size of the market area in which you would be working as a franchise owner can vary. You should have at least 250,000 to 300,000 people within a two-hour drive from your home location in order for your franchise to be successful. During the initial interview, we can help you determine the size of your potential market area.

If you are currently a successful construction owner, and you want to transition into insurance restoration, you are our ideal franchise candidate. Insurance restoration is more recession-proof than general construction, so adding our services to those you currently offer your customers can diversify your work and help it to thrive when the economy takes a hit.

Natural disasters and accidents, unfortunately, happen all the time, and we encourage franchise owners to pitch in to help individuals facing emergency restoration needs at the same time they continue providing general contracting services.

Insurance restoration is a very small world, and it is quite complex. With our extensive and helpful systems, training, experience, and industry knowledge, we are confident that you can make a successful go of an emergency services franchise.

When you’re ready to, fill out our initial application to see if you are the right type of candidate that we are looking for. We look forward to working with you.

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