Easy Ways to go Paperless


For years, you may have been dealing with the stacks of papers for all the business transactions. Every time you had a transaction with a client, you had to print the receipt, mail it and keep on waiting for the payment. But with advancement in technological fields, it has become easier to manage lots of transactions within minutes through computer applications. It’s time to take a couple of days and g through all the old files. Scan the ones that you will require and get rid of the rest. For its time to go digital and reduce your paper management stress.

Using cloud-based apps

Going paperless is not a big deal as you think. You just have to select the software like Bookipi.com which are cloud-based. Such software facilitates payments to project management to accounting. Your data will be safe and secure. But the most significant benefit will be the access. You will be able to access the entire accounts department sitting on your couch in the living room. You can share files through secure networks for easy and quick communication. You will also have separate systems for generating invoices as well as payment receipts.

Paperless billing

You will like the accessibility of every essential document through emails. Be it the utility bills or the financial statements or the information about the professional associations- everything will be available in digital format. You can send the bills to your clients online by using Bookipi Invoice and receive the online payments directly to your bank account. The hassle-free system will surely reduce your stress level regarding sending the receipts on time and waiting patiently for days to receive the payment back through the mail. You can create folders and subfolders to segregate and save all the documents properly for easy fetching when you need.

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