Why You Should Totally Use Online Job Application Forms Now


Finding the right employees is not an easy task. But before hiring an employee, HR managers can simply use an online form which helps them to simplify the process, rather than doing tons of paperwork. Not only is storing physical copies of CVs of candidates a tedious task but also comparing skills in differently written CVs is a time-consuming process. Thus, HR managers can simply avail an online form-building platform to create job application forms. This will help them in weeding out sub-par applicants and instead receive applications only from eligible candidates.

What Makes Online Job Application Forms Great?

They take care of your needs

A good job application form gives candidates a very clear idea about the skills and qualifications that are expected of them. A well-crafted form this is specific and to-the-point helps in eliminating undeserving candidates. Thus, can you directly reach out to your specific target group of candidates, rather than having to read through unwanted applications.

Knowing your Candidates Better

These forms, if drafted well with open-ended questions will help you in assessing a candidate better. Thus, in order to have a fair idea about the eligibility of a candidate, you can curate the form to ask open-ended questions in specific fields. For instance, for a designer’s position, you can ask open-ended questions about the latest trends in fashion and runway styles. These personalized forms allow you to gauge candidates much better, both individually and relatively because comparisons are easy to make across forms, rather than going through tons of applications.

Online Form Builders

Fortunately for you, there are online form-building platforms out there that help you in creating these forms. Most of these platforms have forms with various fields listed out, wherein the candidate can easily disclose details about herself. What’s more, even resume uploading is easy and candidates can easily post links to their works in these forms. Thus, you only have to look at the form to understand the candidate profile. Most of these forms are compatible across multiple media, on both laptops and mobile forms. Thus, both you as well as the candidate can easily fill and check out responses on the go. Furthermore, these form builders allow you to choose from multiple fonts and colors; so you can add your own corporate touch.

In fact one good example of an online form-builder is AidaForm which is free and user-friendly. It allows you to conveniently choose from basic templates or createmultiple DIY online forms with easy customization and without needing to learn HTML coding. It also helps you to instantly sharethese forms widely across social media sites to publicize them as widely as possible. AidaForm even sends you notification every time someone submits a generic job application form on your website, thus you need not be bothered about missing out on applications. AidaForm also allows to you export the data and then analyze them on Excel and Google Sheets so that you can get a broader picture.

So hurry and try these amazing forms for a better hiring experience!

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