Everything You Must To Know About Getting an Insurance Claim Paid


 A report from the Department of Insurance reveals that California annually collects insurance premiums worth over $285 billion per year. However, most customers find the claim process nerve-wracking.

At Cameo insurance Los Angeles we take pride in providing you with cutting-edge solutions, which speed up claim process and provide valuable information. Here are important things to know when making an insurance claim.

Insurance Claim Process

To prepare to file a claim, you should gather vital documents, photos and visual accounts of the damage. It comprises of five the following stages. 

Connecting with a broker

A reliable broker is one who understands your condition. Give them a list of all the damaged items and images that narrate your circumstance. An adjuster then follows up with you.

Claims Investigation

Once you report a claim, an adjuster investigates it to estimate the number of damages that your insurance policy covers. Also, they will identify liable parties in the suit. You can help them by offering the parties’ contact details or witness information.

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Policy Review

After investigating, an adjuster analyzes your policy. They determine what the insurance covers. Besides, they also alert you on applicable deductions that are applicable in your lawsuit.

Damage Evaluation

An insurance adjuster may hire contractors or engineers to help them in estimating your loss. They can provide you a list of certified vendors who can repair your property. You aren’t compelled to hire the preferred vendors; however, it helps in saving time and money that you could have spent in research.

Actual Payment

Once repairs are completed, the adjuster calls you up regarding your claim’s settlement. Its complexity and the extent of damage influences the time you take to get paid. The claims processes of different situations have slight variations.

How to Get Claims Paid

There could be a delay in getting your claims paid. It is mainly due to spending too much time hiring a contractor or negotiating with an insurer. Most insurance firms quickly respond to disasters. They promptly mobilize adjusters from nearby areas.

To get funds for repair, one should provide an insurer with verifiable facts about the damage. Also, you should comprehend how to negotiate an insurance claim successfully. It helps in creating a mutual relation between you and your insurance. In most instances, the insurance firm won’t track you.

 Tips To Get a Fast Claim

  • Store your insurance policy in an accessible place.
  • Know what the policy does and doesn’t cover.
  • Make electronic or faxed claims as they are promptly paid compared to a mailed claim.
  • Ensure that all extra forms that your insurer may need are completed. They include an Authorization form, the HCFA 1500 form, and the Uniform Billing form.
  • Contact an insurance claims department whenever you have any queries.
  • Review the claims document before submitting it.
  • Track your claim online as most insurers allow clients to monitor their claim status on their websites.

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