Has the Bitcoin Bubble Popped?


Investing in Bitcoin has made countless self-made millionaires. Has the digital currency reached its final level of the bubble, or can the average Joe still get a piece of the pie? We investigate, is it too late to invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and the hype surrounding digital currency has led countless traders into the Bitcoin market. Nothing is ever a certain investment and Bitcoin is no exception. The virtual currency realm is a volatile cryptocurrency market space. If you’re interested in Bitcoin trading, then the following guide on the Bitcoin market will afford you with all you need to know to buy Bitcoin.

Should you Still Buy Bitcoin?

Recent cryptocurrency market prices, as indicated on the coin market cap, indicate that Bitcoin is on a downward spiral. There are various crypto market analysts that flat-out refuse to buy Bitcoin at this stage. The nature of any stock is unpredictable and just because profits haven’t continued to soar, doesn’t mean that bitcoin trading can’t be profitable. If you’re looking to buy BTC and you’re wondering: is it too late to invest in Bitcoin? The short answer is, Bitcoin can be traded whether its value is high or low..

Robert Shiller, the author of the book ‘Irrational Exuberance’ and 2013 winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science, had this to say:

It’s hard to know when the bubble will end,” he says. It’s impossible to know if the price will keep going up, and it’s hard to even guess. We also have no idea if going “short” right now, or betting that the price will decline, will be better than going “long,” or betting that the price will continue to go up over time.”

Although volatile, Bitcoin market prices remain high. The reality is that it could very well spike in the near future and leave all naysayers perplexed at the local Bitcoin value.

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Has Bitcoin Reached its Maximum Bubble Potential?

What is the so called ‘Bitcoin Bubble’? Bitcoin prices have experienced intense fluctuations, from major highs to major lows. The virtual currency climbed all the way up to $1000 in December 2013, only to fall under the $200 mark by early 2015.

The fluctuating Bitcoin value continued and the Bitcoin market went through the roof, breaching the $2000 mark. These fluctuations in Bitcoin prices have created countless Bitcoin millionaires and as such, generated a lot of hype around digital currency. This hype itself is the Bitcoin Bubble and many investors are wondering whether or not Bitcoin has reached its maximum earning potential, or if the bubble which Bitcoin finds itself in will pop and leave many cryptocurrency investors with nothing.

There’s no definitive way to know if the Bitcoin cryptocurrency market has reached its earning cap. However, many have noted new technology and innovation that has superseded local Bitcoin trading platforms as a good indicator of expected growth. Blockchain technology holds many keys for evolving fields and other secondary networks have afforded many altcoins with faster, more effective ways to process transactions. That being said, growth can also open up the door to new technology that could replace Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies all together. In general though, the Bitcoin market is expected to have a fantastic year in 2018 with high prospects expected.

Start your Cryptocurrency Journey Online

It’s like a new genre of music that rapidly spreads and affords various musicians with a new realm in which to make music. This growth allows the industry to diversify and scale up, and it’s much the same with cryptocurrencies’ BTC market.

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency. Thanks to launch of Bitcoin,many altcoins have been developed and traded for a profitable return on investment. Whether you’re looking to buy Bitcoin with credit card or if you opt to buy Bitcoin with debit card, you can start instantly with any one of our globally reputable online cryptocurrency trading platforms available.

Investing in digital currency is all the rage right now. If you are keen on investing in Bitcoin, you should be aware that the Bitcoin market is a volatile space where anything can happen. Even though some are calling Bitcoin a bubble due to pop, the digital crypto coin holds a lot of promise and is expected to reach new heights in 2018.

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