Forex blogs vs. video tutorials, which one is better


Nowadays people are trying to learn Forex trading through all the possible resources available. Forex blogs are a popular way to increase your knowledge and at the same time help you in learning the trading styles. People are reading the blogs and many professionals have their own blogs. These blogs are managed and written by professionals most of the time and they contain many helpful advice and guidelines to help the traders. They are very much helpful to the novice traders and you will find these blogs have a good amount of readers every week. If you want to learn to trade in a more advanced way, you will find the Forex video tutorials. They are uploaded by interested Forex traders and many brokers also have their own channels uploading Forex videos. It is hard to decide which the right way to learn Forex trading is. This article will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the blogs and video tutorials. It is up to you to decide what advice you will follow based on your understanding.

Those who are looking for a definite answer, should understand no method will give you a bulletproof trading strategy. At the end you will have to do all the hard work to develop yourself as a successful trader. It totally depends on you, how you take the educational materials. The new traders often make things worse by trying different things with their real account. They simply don’t understand the importance of spread betting demo account UK . You have to use the demo account to learn the art of trading. Unless you can make a profit in the demo environments, never trade for real.

Forex blogs

First, we will start with the Forex blogs. The advantages of Forex blogs are many. Though they do not provide a nice explanation with live trends of the market like the video tutorials, they are managed by professional traders. It ensures that people are getting the right information all the time. One thing you will see in these blogs are they are very nicely managed. They have different sections of the different traders and you can easily jump into any of them. The blogs are also a great source of knowing new things because they contain universal information. There is no way the information can be outdated because they are made with care. When the video tutorials only focus on what is happening at present, they focus shifts from the past to the future. They also have some limitations as you cannot get the chart analysis like the video tutorials. The tutorials can also show you how the graph has changed over the time that is not possible in blogs.

Forex video tutorials

One of the disadvantages of video tutorial is they can be made by anyone. Even a child can create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos explaining Forex charts. The quality is maintained in Forex blogs as they are created and organized with professional care but it is not present in tutorials. They try to stay updated with the latest trends and forget the quality. Though they show you the chart when explaining, you can find mismatches in their explanations. They provide everyday analysis which can be a pressure for you if you do not want to learn so much every day. They only focus on live trends and do not relate to how the past trends have contributed to the new price trends. They also have some advantages like graphical representation and daily updates, but their quality is usually poor.

It is in your power to decide what should advice you follow. Everything has benefits and disadvantages but most importantly, it depends on how well you can use them in your career. Forex blogs and video tutorials are good when you can take the lessons they offer on board and learn from them.  

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