Should Franchisors Offer Training And Support?


Franchisors definitely should offer training and support to their franchisees, and the most profitable franchises do. But it goes far beyond simply showing franchisees what to do and how to do it. Proper training and support is about adding value and sustainability to a franchisee’s venture from the very beginning.

Start out fully prepared

Many businesses, both franchises and start-ups, struggle most in the early days when they are still finding their feet. What sets the most profitable franchises apart from these struggling businesses is the fact that they provide extensive training in the months leading up to the opening of a new store, preparing both the franchisee and their staff for what’s to come. Everything from instilling in them the franchise’s values to showing them the ropes of the day-to-day business is offered here.

A great example of this is Cash Converters Southern Africa’s Cash Converters Training Academy. Here this exact level of training is carried out to provide franchisees and staff with the skills and knowledge needed to make your franchise a success.

Getting the store set up

Support for new franchisees should go beyond just training though, which is why franchisors like Cash Converters also provide a range of expert assistance to really get things started well. With a franchisor that provides a marketing strategy, uniform store designs and customer care support staff, you as franchisee have that much less to worry about outside of focusing on your store. This ability to focus on your store while support is largely handled makes it so much easier to be successful.

Financing a franchise requires guarantees

We’ve gone over the provision of extensive training and support structures to alleviate the pressure of running a new store, but you may still be wondering about financing. The fact of the matter is that banks are far more likely to provide financing for individuals who are buying into a proven franchise with the necessary training and support structures. Combined with a proven business model and success rate of other stores these factors act as a reasonable promise of feasibility and low risk.

Kick things off with a bang with a store development expert

Now that you’ve got the financing to buy into a franchise for sale, the training to perform and support structures to help you focus, it’s time to actually get started with running the shop. This is where some franchisors drop off a bit, because they think they’ve already helped you enough and can just leave you to it. But the most profitable franchises go that extra mile for you by providing a store development expert for continued support.

This expert is a professional with years of experience in the franchise and with helping new stores to start strong. They will be around for at least a month, usually, to help you implement everything you’ve learnt and to make sure that you grow properly accustomed to using the necessary support structures. In this way you are provided with a practical guide to implementing your training.

Go straight to the source

We could tell you about all sorts of advantages to proper training and support, but your time is valuable and you want to get started. Get in touch with a successful, proven franchisor and let them show you exactly how their training and support can help put you on the business map as a new franchisee.

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