Raising benchmarks and funding rounds – JetSmarter changing private aviation


What if we told you that a private jet startup which kinda works like Uber has raised over a Billion frickin Dollars to make private flying cheaper?

A little exciting, right? Dubbed as the Uber for the Skies, JetSmarter along with a bevy of other players (Wheelup and Surf Air) is changing the way charter flights work. And how do they work, exactly? Through a smartphone app!

There are many travel enthusiasts who fear wasting a lot of time in commercial flights rather than enjoying the journey. They want to avoid commercial flying for its long queues and airport crowds. Travelling is not a necessity for them, it is an adventure. JetSmarter gets them the right solution by letting them curate their travel needs. By providing an easy access to the private jet market place, the co. has raised the benchmarks of private aviation and scared the commercial airlines, to say the least.


The company allows you to book a private jet anytime and anywhere – as is their standard MO in marketing themselves. It is famous for offering 4,000 miles of free travel to all its customers. It also offers free membership program for three months to all the flyers having an “elite status” with any of the major airlines.

The flyer must have 1,000,000 miles or credit card points against their name to enjoy the free membership program. It also offers astandard membership to normal flyers which costs $15,000 forthe first year and $13,000 for the 2nd year. A flyer with standard membership can fly as many times as he wishes with last-minute empty leg flights and shorter shuttles.

A lot of travelers are enjoying the unmatched services of the company in business and travel hubs like New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, etc.The company offers four services including Charter Broking, Shared Charter, Shared Shuttles and Jet Deals. All the services are useful where travelers can book an entire aircraft, go for empty-leg flights without burning a hole in the pocket and have access to last-minute flights.

The company has raised $105 million in Series C fundingto expand the global operations of the company and to increase the number of routes and flights available to JetSmarter members in the US. The CEO of the company, SergeryPetrossov believes that the company is big enough to go public.He is looking forward to roll in IPO for JetSmarter in 2019.

The company received a strong backing from Abu Dhabi-based equity fund, JetEdge and KZ Capital in London, a Qatar-based equity fund, when they decided to invest in JetSmarter. Apart from this, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and members of the Saudi royal family have also backed the company by increasing their investments in JetSmarter.

The private flight service provider is primarily looking to use the money for the expansion of services in Asia and Latin Americabefore rolling out IPO in 2019.

The approach works around a natural tech based instinct of current companies by easing service provision to create a digital marketplace. What JetSmarter does isto ease private jet bookings, through their app. That supposedly is what they sell. An offer of convenience, luxury and a lifestyle that calls for envy among your brethren.

By providingadvanced (private) flight services to the travelers, aviation would be a little more flexible in its approach towards its customers.


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