What are SSL certificate and its use?


With the up gradation in technology it has become very easier for consumers to make safe payments online and can easily share their sensitive information with company websites. You might have seen that some websites have got the URLs “http://” while some have “https:” You must be thinking what does this extra “s” means. To clear your doubts you can go through the following details written. This extra S being displayed means that your data is secured and is encrypted which means you can have safe transfer of any sensitive information with that website. Technology behind this S is SSL which means Secure Sockets Layer.

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This SSL technology is used by mostly every online business to increase customer confidence and letting them share any of their sensitive data with the company website. A webpage is needed to be encrypted when it asks their users to share information like passwords or credit card details. Your secured website can be accessed through any web browser until you hold SSL certificate through any trusted CA. Using this, can have various benefits like boost ranking and can also improve website conversion .

How to get Transport Security Level certificates?

When you are planning to get SSL certificates to use secure connection you need to provide trusted CA all your company details and your website details as well. When you will start using such service 2 cryptographic keys are created, one is public and other is private. Later you need to submit the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file which is kind of data file including your public key to trusted CA (Certification Authority) for validation. After validating all your details, you get the SSL certificate which needs to be matched with your private key to get your site encrypted. EV SSL is one of the highest forms of SSL certificates that you can consider to use. Its form differs on the properties like how the certificate will display in any browser and what amount of verification is required.

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